Fiverr Freelance Market Leverage 

                     The Competitive Advantage For Beginners 

​                     Discover How To Sell High And Buy Low Within Fiverr Freelance Marketplace  As Well As                                                           How To Start Earning Money With Your Current Skillset

Tired of waking up and sleeping with untapped earning potential? But deep within, you know you can earn more...... if given the chance.

  • You have dormant Fiverr account(s) with lots of zero performance metrics
  • Bought a lot of ebooks and courses but was left behind by... unreachable distant sellers.
  • Been through some wasteful trial and errors. And now feeling stuck...
  • But the desire to put your earning potential to active work is still there. If any one the above points describes you, keep reading below............

Hi, Donfelix Odoh is my name. Wordpress expert, digital marketing consultant, Associate of Amazon Inc; and freelance coach. 

Fiverr Freelance Market Leverage.... what is it?

It is a set of strategies that gives a competitor some income generating and ROI advantages within a marketplace. is freelance labor marketplace. And the competition is very very high, regardless of what you are selling. Unfortunately, you might have gone into the competition without good preparation and some proven advantages. Here is exactly how some people spend money and time on Fiverr without getting any return. 

Fiverr Freelance Market Leverage is a one on one training centered on enabling people to compete with some proven advantages in selling specific gigs/services at a higher price and buying at lower price. The other part is about selling with proven competitive advantages and delivering with your own current skillset.

At this point, i want to get it into your head that information is not enough. In fact, information overload causes more confusion and wasteful frustration than anything else

So Why Must You Listen To Me And Invest In Building A set of Competitive Advantages...... The Leverage.

I have 4 years+ internet business experience

1 year+ Fiverr experience

Currently earning money on Fiverr... See proof below

​Am not a distant seller...can be reached at any time

Get more than information...practical account creation guide

Interesting beneficial bonuses + 90 days mentorship ​

You'll start earning from Fiverr in 30 days or less​

Some Few Earning Proof

Below are some of my earning proof from one Fiverr account and other metrics that matters. By simply executing 50 - 99% of the strategyies i teach, you could put yourself in a position of earning $100 - $1000/30 days.

My Fiverr Customer Testimonials

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Thanks for your Excellent service. Highly Recommended.''

“Really good designer, super-quick professional delivery, thanks very much!...”

John Doe UI/UX Designer

First, The Metrics That Matter

According to Fiverr, this is the total value of order/sales divided by the number of sale at a particular point in time (mostly 30 day period). In other words this the average unit price or price per sale for my services sold on Fiverr. If you still that Fiverr is for $5 gigs only, think again. 

Stop believing that you need costly traffic volume or complex promotion strategies to start making money on Fiverr. In the niche where i operate as well as other top selling niches, you can start getting sales with 100 clicks or less. Without proven competitive advantages (The Leverage), you can even have great traffic volume and zero sales.

I Am Not A Distant Seller. We can arrange a meeting. 

Beyond claims and probable screenshots, the strategies i use generates traffic, clicks, customer enquiries and most interestingly, beyond overall average sales value on Fiverr. The shots below are from my newest Fiverr account. 

Here Is What You Get: One On one Training On Fiverr Freelance Market Leverage

  • 4 Hours of interactive, one on one training
  • Niche selection and account creation guide
  • How to sell high and buy low: for 200%+ ROI, starting with $10 - 100
  • 3 Ebooks from top selling Fiverr Pros
  • 5 External promotion strategies
  • 5 hours of practical video tutorials
  • How to withdraw your earnings
  • 90 days mentorship via Skype and Facebook

How To Get It 

                      Price: N10,000      | Available both online and offline                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For booking: Call 08068437815, Email:                                                             On Facebook:                                                                     On Skype: donfelix02

                                                                               Rare Package Bonuses  

  • One training course of your choice from
  • 27 hours of downloadable video tutorials on Facebook Ads from Jerry Banfield
  • 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks from Stuart Walker of (ebook)
  • Viral Adsense Cash from Jan Roos (ebook)

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