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7 Business Blogging Mistakes Wasting Your Revenue Potential

The business blogging mistakes you are making now wastes your time and money. Starting a business blog is easy. But getting good ROI from it is an entirely different challenge. Read on to find out if you are making these mistakes and how to change your strategy. Many people come from different backgrounds to start […]

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20 Business Books To Inspire Different Actions For Bigger Results

Business books are proven ways to learn from other people’s experience. There are experienced business people you may never have opportunity to learn from their insight. Books bring their perspectives, deep insight and accumulated wisdom within your reach. For me I’m kind of an information wonk. Unfortunately, that seems to be posing a real problem […]

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13 Content Marketing Automation Tools For Growing Website Traffic

Content marketing automation is a proven competitive advantage for those who do it. But just what is it? And what are the benefits of using content marketing automation tools? Like many others, I guess you must have learned that creating great content is not enough. Without targeted audience, your return on created content will be […]

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How Your Business Can Profit From Mobile First Demographic Growth In 2017

You are a business owner in Nigeria. And you have no idea of what mobile first demographic growth is all about. Why should you care? Obviously, keeping tab on some demographic trends is not part of your core working responsibilities. However, if you have a going concern, then earning profit at an impressive margin will […]

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Facebook Ads Case Study: 1256 Targeted Prospects With $5.22 Only

This Facebook ads case study is meant to enlighten you on how to get targeted traffic and convert some of them into qualified leads. Whether you are still considering Facebook advertising or just made few attempts and lost money, you’ll certainly get one or two useful lessons from this post. It is a bit surprising […]

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